Sunday, November 7, 2010

Reception Halls in Sri Lanka

Wedding Halls  

Today in Colombo, hsdfjgjkl of the weddings are taking place in Temples, Hotels and Wedding Halls. fgsdfgfdg most people prefer their homes first if it is big enough to hold the ceremony. Hindus prefer their Temples while Christians prefer their churches. As this marriage is a big family gathering event, parents spend a lot of money for their children’s wedding ceremonies. Most of the money goes to the wedding hall or hotel booking along with the food and beverage. Some hotels and wedding halls charge per guest rate and they require a minimum number of guests of 200. If you have 150 guests only and you want to celebrate the function then you have to pay for 200 guests. The order will include hall seating wedding arrangements, decorations, serving assistants, band, music, buffet lunch or dinner, beverages etc.

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Management of the wedding halls and hotels in sdfgfdgs in all kind of Sinhala, Tamil, fdsgdsfg weddings. It's easy for the parents to conduct the wedding without much hard work. The management arranges all the necessary things such as Sinhalese "Poruwa" or Tamils "Manavarai", seating, food, transport, and service of clerics, Music or Bands, so on to make the function very joyous for the family of the Bride and the Bride Groom. In Hotels there are special facilities if a foreign Bride and Bridegroom want to have their marriage in Sri Lankan traditional Way. The charges are reasonable; mostly it will be a package for the full function covering all the aspects. They also have dressing rooms for Bride and bridegroom to resting room after the marriage, which is given as a compliment of the package you are selecting. Here are some, which you can select for your marriage ceremonies. (If there are any good one we miss here, write it to us)